Best Tips For Breast Cancer Prevention Every Woman Should Know

One of the most common causes of death among women is breast cancer. It cannot be treated if it is not diagnosed on time. It is said that prevention is better than cure, so it is important to take preventive measures that can help you reduce the risk of contracting breast cancer. Here are some best tips for breast cancer prevention that every woman should know.

1: Make Changes In Your Lifestyle

First of all, it is important to re-examine your lifestyle if you want to prevent breast cancer. There are several important things that you can eliminate from your lifestyle to improve your health and quality of life. Some of the most important things include the following.

Use of Alcohol –

you are strongly advised to limit the use of alcohol. The more alcohol you drink, the greater your chances of developing breast cancer. If you want to drink alcohol, limit the quantity and drink beer, liquor or wine.

Watch Your Body Weight –

try to maintain appropriate body weight. Avoid those foods that can add up unnecessary pounds to your body weight. Obesity and excessive body weight increase your risk of developing breast cancer. Also, obesity in later life of women is very dangerous for their life.
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Breast Reconstruction – Important Things about Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction surgery is a type of surgery that involves rebuilding or reconstructing of breast(s) that has been destroyed by any illness like breast cancer. A great number of women all over the world suffer from life altering procedures that include breast removal due to malignant tumor or cancer. In this case, breast reconstruction surgery can help these women restore their bodies and to get back to a normal life. Here are some important things about breast reconstruction surgery.

Who Is Suitable For Breast Reconstruction?

A number of factors influence your suitability for this surgery. These factors include the type of tumor (benign or malignant), position of the tumor in the bust, and the stage of the cancer. The type of mastectomy also plays an important role in determining whether a candidate is suitable for this type of surgery or not. Candidates who have undergone simple or modified mastectomies make good candidates for breast reconstruction surgery over those who have undergone radical mastectomy.
Another important decision that is to be made about this surgery is whether it should be done simultaneously with the mastectomy or it should be done over several days, months or even years, in some cases.
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