Breast Reconstruction – Important Things about Mastectomy

Breast reconstruction surgery is a type of surgery that involves rebuilding or reconstructing of breast(s) that has been destroyed by any illness like breast cancer. A great number of women all over the world suffer from life altering procedures that include breast removal due to malignant tumor or cancer. In this case, breast reconstruction surgery can help these women restore their bodies and to get back to a normal life. Here are some important things about breast reconstruction surgery.

Who Is Suitable For Breast Reconstruction?

A number of factors influence your suitability for this surgery. These factors include the type of tumor (benign or malignant), position of the tumor in the bust, and the stage of the cancer. The type of mastectomy also plays an important role in determining whether a candidate is suitable for this type of surgery or not. Candidates who have undergone simple or modified mastectomies make good candidates for breast reconstruction surgery over those who have undergone radical mastectomy.
Another important decision that is to be made about this surgery is whether it should be done simultaneously with the mastectomy or it should be done over several days, months or even years, in some cases.

Types of Breast Reconstruction

There are two main types of breast reconstruction: immediate and delayed breast reconstruction.

Immediate Breast Reconstruction

In this type of breast reconstruction surgery, the breast is removed and reconstructed simultaneously. In some cases, the beginnings of this surgery are carried out immediately. This surgery involves the use of an inflatable medical balloon, or a silicone gel or saline-filled implant, or tissue transfer.

Advantages of Immediate Breast Reconstruction Surgery

There are many advantages of this type of surgery. The main advantage is the economy of time. It is done within a few surgery sessions and it has positive impact on the patient’s psychological outlook. Patient can get back to normal life after immediate breast reconstruction within a short period. This surgery can help prevent the development of several mental problems associated with the loss due to mastectomy. The reduced number of surgery sessions or operations also makes this type of surgery an attractive option. Despite being an attractive option, not all women are good candidate for this type of breast reconstruction therapy.

Delayed Breast Reconstruction Surgery

This is the second type of breast reconstruction surgery. A great number of women undergo this type of surgery. It consists of prolonged operations that are done over several days, months or years after the mastectomy. This surgery allows breast skin and scar tissues to soften. They become more malleable over time and during this time patient is required to wear a foam rubber external prosthesis inside their bra in order to stimulate the lost breast. For some women, it can be a very painful experience, even more painful than cancer as they have to get on with their life without an important part of their body that is closely attached with their self-esteem.

Advantages of Delayed Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The main advantage of this therapy is time that women get to think about whether they should go for the breast reconstruction or not. There is a disadvantage of this type of surgery. It is done after a few days or months of mastectomy, so the patient has to prepare their mind for an additional surgery.