Four Best Chest Exercises for Women

Women often complain that they lack sufficient upper body strength. The reason behind this is their fear for chest exercises as most women think that chest exercises will make their shoulders broader. The truth is that appropriate chest exercises for women make their shoulders broader, but besides this, these exercises tighten and lift up their breasts. Here are some of the best chest exercises for women.

Hand Wide Pushups

These pushups are very effective to uplift your breasts. While performing this exercise, it is important to keep your hands wide and high. Your hands and body should be in a position that when you lower your body to the floor, your chest should be away from your hands. For best results, you are advised to do pushups on your toes. However, if you cannot do pushups on your toes, you can always do them on your knees. Do as many pushups as you can for minimum 3 sets each day. Take rest for a minute between sets. In order to get the remarkable results, it is recommended to do this exercise for about five to six times per week. You will see good results within two weeks. Your breasts will stop sagging.

Ball Chest Fly

Chest fly is another very effective chest exercise for women. To perform this exercise, do the steps given below.
  • Hold a pair of dumbbells.
  • Grab a Swiss ball and sit on it.
  • Slide down on the ball slightly and make sure your back is resting on the ball.
  • Raise your butt slightly and bend your knees.
  • Position each dumbbell on each side of your chest.
  • Then, lift the dumbbells upward slowly, and extend your arms.
  • Hold this position for about 2 or 3 seconds.
  • Then, put the dumbbells down by your chest level and hold this position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this movement for about 5 to 10 times.

Hand Pushing In Front of Your Body

It is one of the best chest exercises for women. It is basically an isometric tension exercise that works on your chest muscles to enhance your cleavage. To perform this exercise, do the steps given below.
  • Push the palms of your hands together in front of your chest just like hands are joined together in certain yoga poses. It resembles like you are praying.
  • Then push your hands for about 5 to 10 seconds. Rest for 15 seconds and repeat the same activity.
  • Keep doing it for about 3 minutes.
  • You can do this exercise 4 times per week.

Resistance Band Chest Exercise

This exercise plays an important role in uplifting your breasts. To do this exercise, follow the steps given below.
  • Tie a resistance band on a closed window or a door.
  • Stand straight in a position that your one leg should be in front of your other leg.
  • Bend your leg in front of your body slightly to stabilize the foothold.
  • Then, stick your chest outward and look forward.
  • Hold the resistance band and bring it closer to you from behind.
  • Pull the band until your both hands are fully stretched in horizontal position.
  • Hold the resistance band in this position for about 2 seconds.
  • Bring your elbows back the level of your chest.
  • Then, hold the band to your chest level for a few seconds.
  • Repeat it 5 to 10 times.
These are just a few of the many chest exercises for women. You can incorporate these exercises in your daily routine. You can not only strengthen your upper body, but also you can uplift your sagging breasts.