Highly Effective Upper Arm Exercises for Women

It is common for women to put on weight on those parts of body that play a very important role in creating a beautiful appearance. One of these parts is upper arm. Most women do regular exercise but still they remain unable to lose weight from their upper arms. The key at this point is to do the right exercise that can tone up your upper arms. Before you search for right upper arm exercises, it is important to know that arms are not made up of only single type of muscle – biceps. They actually have triceps as well. Here are some of the most effective upper arm exercises for women.

Basic Hand Pushups

You can easily do basic pushups to tone up your upper arms. Follow the instructions given below to do this exercise.
  • Put both hands at shoulder level in front of you.
  • Apply as much pressure as you can from both ends for as long as you can.

At first you may find this simple upper arm exercise a bit hard, but soon you’ll become comfortable with it. Try doing this exercise for 10 times each day and increase the number when you get used to it.

Hand Resistance Curls

This is another effective upper arm exercise for women. It can be done without weights. Here are the steps to do this exercise.

  • Place and slide one arm down to your side.
  • Place other hand of the other arm on your first hand that you have placed on the other side. In this position your hand will act as a dumbbell.
  • Now, start curling your hands with one side of your arm. Simultaneously, resist the curling of hand with the other arm.
  • While resisting the curl, use as much pressure as you can to effectively make a curl with your hands.
  • Repeat the same exercise with your other hand.
  • Do at least 3 sets each day.


If you find aforementioned upper arm exercises for women difficult or boring, you can do swimming. It is without nay doubt one of the most effective upper arm exercises for women. It helps you get rid of flabby upper arms and tone them up. Most part of your upper body is used when you perform this exercise. In order to get good results, you are advised to do this cardio exercise three times a day.

Shoulder Pressing

Another effective upper arm workout for women is shoulder pressing. This exercise tones up your upper arms. You can lift more than 5 pounds of weight for toning your muscles. However, women are advised to limit themselves to only 10 pounds.

Triceps Kickbacks

This is another very effective exercise that can help you shed off unnecessary weight from your upper arms. In order to perform this exercise, follow the steps given below.
  • Stand in a straight position next to a workout bench or a padded chair.
  • Put one arm and leg to be folded on the workout bench or chair.
  • Make sure your upper body is positioned straight to the ground.
  • Lift a dumbbell and raise your elbow and make sure your upper arm is also positioned straight to the ground. Simultaneously, keep your other arm in a position that it should be supporting your body weight.
  • Keep your elbow on the right angle.
  • Make one try and then regain the starting position.
  • Be extremely careful while doing this exercise.