How To Erase 10 Years From Head to Toe?

Are you looking for ways to erase 10 years from head to toe to look young and beautiful? You’re not alone as a great number of women are looking for the same thing. In order to look 10 years younger than your actual age, you need to concentrate on every aspect of your body and beauty that include your hair, skin, weight and the way you carry yourself. Women who look forever younger than their actual age don’t just have good complexions; they also have smooth and flawless skin, thick and shiny hair and a white smile. These women actually know the right way of carry them. Here are some very useful age-proofing tips that begins with your head and end with your toes.

Special Hair Care

Starting with your head (hair), you need to give your hair a boost. It is true that hair thins as you age, but you can do certain things to counteract this natural process to look gorgeous. There are volumizing shampoos on the market that work great to add some volume in your thin hair. For a quick and perfect boost, you are advised to use a volumizing spray gel.

Special Skin Care

When you are taking measures to erase 10 years from head to toe, one of the most important measures is skin care. By getting rid of just a few nasty wrinkles, you can look several years younger than your actual age. For this purpose, you need to give special attention to your aging skin. There are many anti-aging skin care products designed to help older women to remove the signs of aging from their skin. It is important to bear in mind that it’s not just wrinkles that make you look old, your skin tone and luminosity also play an important role in giving you a particular look. That’s the reason why it is strongly advised to you to use those anti-aging products that can remove all the signs of aging from your skin.

Pay Attention To Your Teeth

Stains accumulate on our teeth as we age and whiter teeth make us look younger. This is why it is important to pay close attention to your teeth. There is a long list of of teeth whitening products on the market.

Breast Uplifting

Another important thing is your sagging breasts. You should pay close attention to your breasts if you want to erase 10 years from head to toe. You can do breast uplifting exercises and you can wear bras that support your breasts. In addition to this, there are many breast uplifting sprays and products on the market that can uplift your breasts and give them a firmer look.  

Special Care for Hands

No matter if your facial skin is flawless, your hair is thick and your teeth are white, wrinkles and lines on your hands will tell your age. Ropy-looking veins and wrinkles can give a bad old look to your hands. To enhance the look of your hands, you are advised to use moisturizer that contains antioxidant as they will make your hands softer.

Watch Your Weight

Most women less pay attention to their body weight in older age. If you want to look a few years younger than your actual age, you need to pay close attention to your body weight. It isn’t necessary to diet all the time in order to keep your body weight in control. A more practical and useful way to maintain a good body is to use a well-balanced diet and do appropriate exercise.

Your Legs Need Care

Your legs will also show signs of aging that include spider veins and varicose. The most effective and instant way to remove these aging sings is sclerotherapy. If you do not wish to take this treatment, you can use a good leg-perfecting spray or lotion.

Your Feet & Toes

Old age makes your feet dry. You need to take extra care of your feet to look younger. For this purpose, you are advised to use cream or lotion that contains lactic acid and apply a bright nail color on your toes instead of staid shade nail colors.