How to Get Pregnant Fast?

Get PregnantGetting pregnant seems to be an easy task for some couples, while there are many people who are trying to have a baby but their efforts are not showing any results. If you are also trying to conceive, you should take few advices into account to improve your odds of achieving a healthy pregnancy. You should take care of few important things and always bear in mind that you can improve only controllable factors of pregnancy.

Have Sexual Intercourse Frequently

Some couples are either vey busy in their routine life or they have sexual intercourse only on weekends. Frequent sexual intercourse is very important to conceive fast. It's because you have to respond to your menstrual cycle if you want to conceive. If you are having sexual intercourse without timing your cycles, you will have less chances of getting pregnant. Ideally, you should have sexual intercourse 2-3 times a week.

Find Out Your Fertility Window

A normal woman experience a menstrual cycle of 28 days. There's a fertility window that opens up during a regular menstrual cycle and having sexual intercourse when the window is open is the ideal time to try for a baby. According to leading fertility experts, fertility window remains open for a very short time period i.e., on the 14th day of menstrual cycle. That's why you should have sexual intercourse before or at the time when your fertility window is open.

Stop Taking Birth Control or Contraceptives

Some women take birth control to avoid pregnancy for a particular time period. If you want to conceive after birth control, you have to stop taking birth control at least before 6 months from the time when you want to get pregnant. However, some women are lucky enough to get pregnant as soon as they stop taking birth control. It is wise to get an opinion from your fertility expert or doctor about when you should stop taking birth control and when you should start trying for a baby.

Get Pre-Conception Consultation

One of the most important things that you should not overlook if you want to get pregnant is the pre-conception consultation. You can get it from your fertility expert or health care provider. Your doctor will devise a complete plan for you to get pregnant. He/she will calculate your ovulating time, devise a diet plan for you to achieve pregnancy and he/she will help you time your sexual intercourse. In addition to these things, some important medical tests are done to check your internal health.

Have Sexual Intercourse in Right Position

Many couples don't concentrate on their position of having sexual intercourse. However, right position of having sexual intercourse is very important to conceive. There are some positions that allow the sperm to stay longer in the cervical area. You should talk with your doctor to know about those positions that you should try to conceive.

Use Supplements

There are supplements that you can consume before and during pregnancy. You can consult your doctor to prescribe you those supplements that can help you improve your conception chances. These supplements contain amino acid L-arginine, selenium, antioxidants, Vitex and B vitamins in addition to folic acid. All of these nutrients are very important to conceive without complications.