Common Knee Problems In Women's

It is common for women to contract knee problems. It’s mainly because knee joint is one of the most complex joints and women need more calcium than men to keep this joint healthy and active. There are many factors that give rise to different knee problems in women. Minor knee problems mainly occur due to twisting and stretching, or any other movement that is beyond the endurance of knee joint. In some cases, sudden movements and jerks trigger knee pain and cause knee injuries.

Components of Knee Joint

Knee joint consists of many essential components that play a very important role in facilitating knee joint movements. These components include ligaments, cartilage, tendons and menisci. If any of these components is affected by any reason, knee pain is triggered. The common cause of a number of knee problems in women is the convolution of the knee joint’s structure and its weight-bearing feature. There’s no doubt about the fact that knee joint is one of the most injured body parts in women.

Knee Joint Injury – Damaged Ligament

It is common among women to associate popping and snapping within knee joint with any knee problem. However, snapping and popping should not be considered as a sign or symptom of any knee problem. In reality, it is a kind of knee joint injury that occurs when any damage occurs to ligament. This kind of knee problem needs immediate attention. It’s because any damage in ligament can cause severe soreness in knee joint. Furthermore, it can cause permanent damage to the victim if it is left untreated for a long time.

Torn Cartilage – Acute Knee Injury

Torn cartilage or ligament is the cause of other acute knee injuries. Any damage to cartilage is possible due to strenuous sports activity, running, jumping and sudden jerks. There are many sports that involve strenuous physical activity. These include basketball, cricket, soccer, tennis, football and so on.


Women who reach the age of 45 or 50 undergo some distinct hormonal changes. These hormonal changes are triggered by menopause. During menopause, it is common for menopausal women to experience knee joint pain due to abnormal hormonal changes.


Another common cause of many knee problems in women is obesity. Obesity isn’t only the cause f pain and problems in knee joint in women, but also in other joints.

Lack of Physical Activity

Those women who live sedentary life or who do not appropriate physical activity are likely to contract knee joint problems.


Some women suffer from knee problems due to heredity reasons. In such a case, it is very difficult to treat knee problems.


In some women, tumours can cause joint discomfort and knee problems. However, it depends upon the location of tumour.


Another very common cause of knee problems in women is stress. If you are living a hectic life, you should indulge into those activities that can help you reduce stress.

Metabolic Disorders & Postural Deficiencies

There are some metabolic disorders and postural deficiencies that can trigger knee problems. These mainly include sitting or standing for long hours. These things do not only cause pain in knee joints, but also in other joints.

Bone Diseases

There are several bone diseases like osteoporosis that cause mild to severe knee problems in women.

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