Learn Yoga & meditation for Woman

The use of yoga and meditation isn’t a new thing as it has been around for thousands of years. Yoga and meditation, when combined together can have miraculous effects. Here are a few important facts about yoga and meditation.

Understand Yoga and Meditation

In order to understand the working these two practices, it is essential to understand what each one is individually.

Yoga –

is a spiritual practice that incorporates a very simple form of meditation – breath and physical incorporation of body. It connects mind and body with each other, creates harmony and helps you achieve inner peace.

Meditation –

is a mind training to reach various levels of awareness and consciousness. The levels of consciousness that once can reach through meditation lead to those parts of the brain that control human imaginations, memory, creativity and more.

Health Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation, when combined together, offer great benefits to health, body and mind. Some top benefits of yoga and meditation are given below.

Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases –

meditation helps you control your blood pressure, which in turn reverses the effects of heart problems.

Stress and anxiety –

stress is very common in individuals. Meditation can help you reduce stress and anxiety. It helps you stay more relaxed, fight off stress and anxiety and live a stress-free life.

Pain management –

meditation is most widely used to treat substance abuse withdrawal pains and chronic pains effectively. Individuals who use meditation report positive experiences.

Sleep –

another great benefit of meditation is the treatment of insomnia. Insomnia has become one of a major problems and a great number of individuals are suffering from insomnia. Through meditation, insomnia can be treated. In most cases, insomnia is triggered due to the uncontrolled mind activity. In simpler words, when people fail to slow down their mind, they lose sleep. Meditation can help individuals slow down mind and get a good sleep.

Now come to the health benefits of yoga. Yoga has been proved to be beneficial for all the aforementioned health issues (insomnia, uncontrolled blood pressure, stress and anxiety). Besides this, it is known to benefit the body directly. Here are the top benefits of yoga.

Posture –

yoga poses can help you maintain a good body posture. A little example is the act of lifting chin when walking can have a deep impact on your posture. All yoga poses are embedded with posture improvements.