Do's of Love & Relationship for Women

If you find it difficult to keep your partner engaged with you, you should follow the tips given below to show your love to your partner and to bring him closer to you.
  • Appreciate your partner and pay him compliments often.
  • Give your partner presents. It's not necessary to buy an expensive gift every time, you can simply buy beautiful roses or other flowers of his choice to remind him his importance in your life.
  • Never ask your partner to give up his close friends. Remember, he has a social life. Also, introduce him to your close friends.
  • Many women get jealous of other people who are the part of their partner's life. Jealousy will lead you nowhere but it will add anxiety and stress to your life, so avoid getting jealous of other people who belong to your partner in any way.
  • Take interest in his favorite sports like football. Also, go with him to a football match and make him feel that you have an interest in his favorite games.
  • Avoid criticizing his friends and let him spend some time with them.
  • If he has any defects, ignore them and avoid pointing out his defects.
  • Don't leave yourself. Try to be in good shape always.
Don't's of Love & Relationship for Women
Sometimes we don't realize that we are making some mistakes that are pushing our partner away from us. Following are the don't's of love & relationship for women. Read carefully and think if you are making any of these mistakes.
  • Don't spy on your partner. It will make him feel that you don't trust him and it will show your lack of self-confidence. These things can create distance between you and him.
  • If you are married a divorced man who have children from his first wife, you should not try to be the mother of his children.
  • Don't hide anything related to your past from your partner. Tell him about your past affairs in detail.
  • Don't involve your girlfriend in all your matters. Don't keep her with you all the time.
  • Don't date married men because things are likely to go wrong.
  • Don't get angry on him when he tells you about his past love affairs.
These do's and don't's should give you an idea about what you should do and you shouldn't do in order to build up a healthy relationship with your partner.

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