Frozen Shoulder Treatment (How To Release a
Frozen Shoulder)

Frozen shoulder (called as adhesive capsulitis in medical language) is a condition characterized by reduced motion. The victim of frozen shoulder finds it extremely difficult to raise the arm out to the side. Victims of this condition will experience severe pain of varying degrees. Frozen shoulder treatment can be very effective if it is done routinely. If you are any of your family members have this problem, here are some treatment options to release a frozen shoulder.

Treatment Options

There are both allopathic and natural methods to treat this condition.

Medical Treatment Options

Medical treatment options include administration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoid injection into the frozen shoulder and into the subacromial space. Physical therapy is also administered to the patients. The medical treatment for this condition must be comprehensive. Physical therapy plays a very important role in the recuperation from frozen shoulder. Physical therapy can be very painful, but it is very important for unlocking the locked shoulder. In some cases, if conservative measures fail to show any good results, manipulation f the frozen shoulder joint is done and anaesthesia is administered to do so. Arthroscopic treatment for locked shoulder, along with the removal of fibrotic adhesions can be very helpful. In rare cases, open shoulder surgery is done to release a frozen shoulder.

Exercises For Frozen Shoulder

A number of exercises can be done to release frozen shoulder. However, these exercises should be done with caution, as excessive exercise can injure muscles further. The two common exercises are stretching and exercising. It is important to do these exercises under the supervision of a certified physiotherapist or fitness expert. It’s because if these exercises are done without caution, they can injure your muscles and create further complication, worsen the trigger points and increase pain and stiffness in your shoulder. There are some other exercises that are used to release a frozen shoulder. Some of these exercises are:

Pendulum Swing –

this exercise is done in a standing position. In order to perform this exercise, stand straight and put your unaffected hand on the edge of a firmly positioned table. Then, lean forward and let your frozen arm hang down in vertical position. Swing your affected arm forward and backward just like pendulum. Swing it side to side and around in circles in both directions. Repeat these movement five times each.

Back Shoulder Stretch –

it is also done in a standing position. To perform this exercise, try to rest your affected arm on your unaffected shoulder. Simple put your unaffected arm on the elbow of the affected arm and gently pull it towards you. Then, hold your arm for a few seconds, release and repeat this motion five times.

Hand Behind Back –

this frozen shoulder exercise is also performed in standing position. To do this exercise, stand straight, hold your affected arm around the wrist behind you with your properly functioning hand. Then, gently stretch your affected arm towards the opposite butt and slide it slowly upwards as far as you can slide it in upward direction. Then, release your arm and repeat the same motion five times. This exercise is more advanced than other exercises that are done to release a frozen shoulder. It is advanced for when movement begins to restore.

Umbrella Push –

unlike aforementioned exercises, this exercise is done in sitting position. To do this exercise, sit down and make sure your elbows are into your sides. Hold an umbrella in both hands in front of you. Use your functioning arm to push your affected arm so it turns in outward direction. Simultaneously, keep the elbow of your affected shoulder tucked into your side. Move to centre and repeat the same option five times.

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